These are the key staff people at PCUSA in Louisville, KY who are associated with Malawi in some way.

Name: Job Title: Phone: Email Address: (real addresses are included in the Members List)
Debbie Braaksma Africa Area Coordinator 800 728 7228  Ext 5916
Mail to Debbie Braaksma
Kathy Reeves PW Assoc for Mission 800 728 7228  Ext 5402
Mail to Katharine Reeves
Pablo Garcia Administrative Assistant, Africa Office 800 728 7228  Ext 5031
Mail to Pablo Garcia
Debby Vial Peacemaking Partnerships Assoc. 800 728 7228  Ext 5702
Mail to Debby Vial

PCUSA Missionaries in Malawi

bulletJim & Jodi McGill (at Mzuzu)
bulletMartha Sommers (formerly at Embangweni and Ekwendeni; now in USA; going to Dem. Rep. of Congo)
bullet Barbara Nagy (at Nkhoma)
bullet Tyler & Rochelle Holm (at Ekwendeni/Mzuzu)

PCUSA Regional Liaison for East and Central Africa

bullet Nancy Collins (based in Lusaka Zambia)

PCUSA Regional Liaison for Southern Africa

bulletDr. Douglas Tilton (based in South Africa)

PCUSA Community Health Facilitator

bullet Luta Garbat-Welch (based in Lilongwe)

Regional Facilitator for Women's & Children's Interests for English-Speaking Africa

bullet    Rev. Janet Guyer (based in Lilongwe)

Poverty Alleviation Catalyst

bullet Frank & Nancy Dimmock (previously at Lilongwe and Lusaka, Zambia, now back in USA)

People Traveling to Malawi

Often times, the best way to get important papers, pictures, or small packages to Malawi is to send them with someone traveling there from the US.  These contacts should be used sparingly. These people are not all traveling to the exact location where you want to send something, but they are at least going to Malawi and would be able to get a package to the right place over there.

NOTE: All of the email addresses are modified to make them more difficult for automatic searches to extract addresses for SPAM lists.  In each one, replace the "[AT]" characters with the at symbol "@" to get the real email address

Name: Email: Phone: Notes: Primary
Departure Date:
Paul Heller heller51[AT] (518)645-4769 Limited space Mzuzu Apr 11, 2015
Joyce Kadzakumanja nozomejk[AT] (917)330-9277   Ntcheu + Multi locations May 20, 2015
Ted Stewart tcstewart[AT] (319)653-4082   Lilongwe June 6, 2015
Erin Raska revraska[AT] (847)256-3010 Mzuzu June 7, 2015
Dan Merry dan[AT] (412)343-8900 28 people Blantyre, Mulanje, Zomba June 17, 2015
Phyllis Wezeman p.wezeman[AT] (574)255-3570 Limited space Nkhoma Synod June 25, 2015
Janet Wells janetwells[AT] (626)355-7721   Lilongwe, Mzuzu July 13, 2015
 Dave Carver  dave[AT]  (412)921-6153  Pgh Partnership  Blantyre area  July 14, 2015
Rochelle Holm rochelledh[AT] Mzuzu July 18, 2015
Doug Kee jdkee[AT] (734)612-0988 Lilongwe, Nkhoma, Mzuzu Aug 27, 2015

If you want to see past travel activities that were listed here, you can see the recent history of who has traveled on the History Page.

If you know of changes to any of these schedules or know of others not listed here (or would like yours removed), please contact the WEBMASTER.


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